Hue Candela

has the capability to make custom units for single frame photography by

1. Working with the customer to establish the picture requirements.

2. Match some possible solutions to the photo requirements.

3. To present the methods that can be used for the shoot.

4. To agree on plan of attack. Also the limits of the new circuit.

5. To agree on unit delivery and price for the service.

6. Current projects taken on by Hue Candela/Paul Prober will have priority.

Hue Candela

has the ability to perform these functions

1. Electronic design including schematic, printed circuit board layout, board assembly, checkout, and board/unit test.

2. Electrical design including connecting cables, front panels, and control panel layout with the end user in mind.

3. Mechanical design unit packaging. front/control panel placement of switches, knobs, displays, and connectors on the unit(s).

4. To work with the customer to get the performance expected to the limit of the circuits design.

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