PinPlus Cameras come in many focal lengths 64mm, 128mm, 256mm, 384mm 512mm, 640mm, 768mm and 1024mm. See PinPLUS Camera Pricing pricing and delivery. The PinPLUS 256mm will be used as an example for features, construction, and PinPLUS support.

PinPLUS 256 mm

PinPLUS 256 mm has a diagonal view angle of 33 degrees, horizontal view angle of 27 degrees, and a vertical view angle of 22 degrees.

PinPLUS cameras have an outer shell of nine layer Baltic birch. Inside the camera inner layers are added by use of five layer Baltic birch to create a rabbeted effect for blackout within the film chamber. Three layer Baltic birch is embedded from top to bottom across each top to bottom PinPLUS joint. A slot is cut slot in both pieces deep enough to accept this light blocking bar. Brass corners are used to protect the exposed corners of Baltic birch.

PinPLUS cameras have a roller with spring load for film holder pressuring device on two sides. This spring powered device can accept, and hold single sheet film holders from 0.4 inches to 0.7 inches without any adjustments or setup. Sheet film holders are 0.40 thick. Polaroid 454 I and PRO are 0.60 thick. Fuji Quickload is 0.61 thick. Kodak Readyload is 0.60. The roller rides on the outer edge of the film holders. Thus no excess pressure points in the dark slide area, wherefore reduced film holder breakage. With auto adjusting pressure all film holders can be change in and out of the camera in fractions of a second. Just a slight push to the backside of the camera and the film holder is released from the graflock indentation.