This Pinhole web site and PinPLUS Cameras recognize the following persons for their contributions.

Chris Patton for basic pinhole camera information, with the mathematics to back up information.

  1. Pinhole sizes to focal length, with the wavelengths of light included.
  2. The pinhole material thickness verses the angle of light through the pinhole, with expected f/stop roll off.
  3. Why 4x5 is the most useful format for pinhole pictures.

Chris web site is

Dirk Fletcher a friend and one of the best composition photographer. Thank you for the use of your PinPLUS 64mm pictures. Specially the one of the Union Station in Chicago, Illinois that won Best Overall Photograph in LENOX LASER's world wide laser pinhole contest. Dirk' web site is

Don Reif a friend and for assistance in the design of PinPLUS cameras including the testing of the first PinPLUS cameras. With his help and suggestions a practical state of the art pinhole camera has been created.

Bill Wellman for the encouragement, and the opportunity to work with you on the close-up / macro formula.

To my wife Carol for continuing support and a great help in assembling of the PinPLUS cameras and other Hue Candela products.

To Doug Janssen of Lenox Laser in making available the laser drill pinholes for pinhole photography.

Paul Prober