PinPLUS Cameras for Macro-Photography
PinPLUS Camera is an elementary way to take highly magnified photographs with no linear distortion and no depth of field limits. With the help of flash of high power, all the parts are in place to take 1:16 black and white or color pictures.
Using the Prober-Wellman Formula to set the maximum size of the pinhole. This then sets the lowest f-stop for the picture. Therefore the best use of flash power for the picture.
Hue Candela can custom make any focal length PinPLUS camera to 7.5 feet/ 90 inches/2286 millimeters pinhole to film/print surface.
PinPLUS cameras 512 mm, 768 mm, 1024 mm, and 1270 mm are suggested for Macro Photography. All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted. The status on these cameras are as follows;

Camera pinhole f-stop magnification lens to subject horizontal subject in window
512mm/20inches 0.019 1000 1:2.0 10 2.5
0.016 10005 1:2.75 7.0 1.7
PinPlus size 0.015 1400 1:4.0 5.0 1.25
24 x 6.7 x 5.9 0.012 14005 1:5.6 3.5 0.87